GCE Symposium for School Management, Nov 16th 2022

This event is aimed at giving School Management a deeper understanding of Global Citizenship Education. Our Education Panel will share insights into how GCE fits in our new school environments. School Management representatives will also share ideas and activities on how they have supported and implemented GCE in their schools through the WWGS programme.

Peace and Justice, Workshop, November 10th 2022

With the increase in military spending due to the war in Ukraine and let’s face it many other wars happening in the world. There is an increasing need for us to be anti-war and peace agents. This online workshop in collaboration with Afri will bring you (and therefore your students) on a journey from a global overview of war and militarisation to taking meaningful action in your school.

The Starter Workshop, Sep 21st or 22nd 2022

The Starter Teacher Training workshop is designed for teachers who are new to Global Citizenship Education. This online workshop will explore the toolkits, learning models and methodologies needed to establish and maintain an effective GCE programme/module in your school.

Modern Day Slavery

The abolition of the transatlantic slave trade began 200 years ago, and many schools marked this event. However, new forms of slavery are prevalent today.

Tax Justice

Tax justice means fairer systems for taxing. Potential loss of tax revenues to the EU amount to approximately one trillion each year and billions are lost from countries in the Global south.

Trade Justice

Trade has always been an important part of society, however current trade rules do tend to benefit the richer countries.