Educating for an Equal World 


Welcome to WorldWise Global Schools, Ireland’s Global Citizenship Education (GCE) programme for post-primary schools.

WorldWise Global Schools (WWGS) was established in 2013. Since then, the programme has worked with 550 schools nationwide, in pursuit of our aim to integrate Global Citizenship Education into all aspects of teaching and learning at post-primary level. We do this by providing a comprehensive range of supports and interventions for schools — including grant funding, training, events, resources and personalised support from our staff team.

Global Citizenship Education (GCE) is a powerful vehicle through which we can better understand the world we live in, and take action to change it as informed global citizens. It equips both educators and learners with the knowledge, skills and values to act ethically and sustainably in a world that is both complex and highly interconnected.

Supports We Offer

Grant Funding

Global Citizenship Education (GCE) grants are available to all post primary schools in the Republic of Ireland to apply for, with categories of grant funding ranging from €500 up to €900.

The WWGS Annual Grant Call is an online application process. The Grant Call opens on April 7th 2022 and will close on May 13th 2022.


Our Work in Numbers


WWGS has worked with over 70% of post-primary schools to make GCE an important part of their school life since 2013.

Teacher Engagements

Over 16,000 post-primary teacher engagements have taken place.


Over 1,000 grants have been awarded since 2013.

Global passport Awards

Over 250 WWWGS Global Passports have been awarded to schools since 2015.

Key Dates:

April 7th 2022

WorldWise Global Schools
Annual Student Conference. Theme: Degrowth.

April 7th 2022

WorldWise Global Schools
Grant Call 2022/2023 opens from April 7th to May 13th 2022

May 13th 2022

WorldWise Global Schools
Grant Call 2022/2023 deadline for application and End of Year Reports for 2021/2022

The biggest impact has been opening up students minds and thinking regarding global issues. Students have been forced to evaluate their role and responsibility as (a) citizen of the world. Students are being forced to comprehend possible solutions to global problems and investigated the many barriers which prevent..development in some parts of the world.

— Gillian Clarke, Ballymahon Vocational School

My TY students are now so enthusiastic and passionate about global citizenship education. They approach me informing me of global news stories and are shocked and appalled of the injustice of it all. It’s fantastic to see that they have such an interest in these issues.

— Laura Walsh, St. Mary’s Charleville

I feel the work they do is tremendous. It goes far beyond funding. The support at every level has allowed our school to root GCE at a whole school level. It is a ‘one stop shop’ to turn to for advice and support. Training is superb and offers teachers an opportunity to network and learn. The WWGS Global Passport is really essential for a school of our size to audit GCE in our school. The WWGS curriculum resources are exactly what teachers need. With all the recent changes with the new Junior Cycle, it marries very well. Where time is of the essence it presents teachers with ideas that has been warmly welcomed in our school

— Sinead Edmonds, St Peter’s College Dunboyne