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Access your WWGS Online Account

If your school is in receipt of a WWGS grant for the 2020/21 school year, your school will have an online account. The 'lead' contact (usually the person who wrote the grant application) will have the log-in details. These may be shared with your colleagues so multiple teachers will have access to the online account.  


Log-in using your username (email address) and password. Reset your password if you can't remember it!

To access your application please use this link or click on the button below:


What is available on the online account?

Your school can access:

  • The Grant Application form  - What you applied for in 2019/20 (narrative and budget) and any other previous applications.
  • The end of year Report - To report on the activities an spending for your 2019/20 grant, and previous years grants
  • Results of the online Self-Assessment Tools (SAT) - See the results of your completed online SATs. These are the teachers and students reflection surveys undertaken at the beginning and end of the year. To access the SATs click on the "TOOLS" button below. 
  • Expense claim forms - To claim back travel and substitution expenses following attending WWGS Events and Trainings
  • The Global Passport Award Application - An Award which recognises and rewards quality GCE in schools. 

Once online - Tips

  1. Once you have logged in, ensure you click the tab you wish to access.
  2. Then click "Go!". This opens up the information on that tab.
  3. If you wish to see your Grant Application or Report form, click on the most recent AP number
  4. If you wish to see your Global Passport Application form, click on the most recent GP number

For more information on applying for, or reporting on, a WWGS grant. Please click on the Grant Supports Tab:

Grant Supports

Key Reporting/ Application Deadline - 14th May 2021

Friday 15th May is the deadline for both:

  • Reporting on your 2020/21 School Grant, and
  • Applying for your 2021/22 School Grant

Ensure you check in with your Education Officer if you wish to make any changes to your budget.