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Student Annual Conference (online)

This year's theme is ‘Our journey towards racial justice’. The conference will take place on Thursday 29th April

The day is an opportunity for student learning, unlearning, reflection and critical thinking as we move forward collectively and responsibly to create more racially just schools and communities. We hope the day will start a conversation on the particular Irish experience of racial injustice and what change looks like.  

In order to fully support you in exploring racial justice with your students, we will be providing both pre and post event meetings for teachers. For more details, click here.  

Register here
Further Details and Preparation

Please find more information and resources to prepare for the Annual Conference.

Conference Schedule and Details
TEACHER PREPARATION TOOLS: Lesson Plan, Worksheet, class agreements
CONFERENCE TASK - Downloadable Template

Graphic Harvest of the Day

Grant Funding Webinars - Application and end-of-year reports

Grant Application Webinars:

This session will bring participants through how to complete the online application form. Designed for schools who are new to WWGS and also as a refresher for schools who have had grants with us before, the webinar will answer all of your key queries. A Q&A session at the end will allow you to ask anything not covered!

Tuesday 27th April (4-5pm)
Thursday 6th May (4.30-5.30pm)

End-of-year Reporting Webinars:

This session is for schools who currently have a grant with WorldWise Global Schools (2020/2021) - including schools who carried over funding from 2019/20. It will take you through how to complete the online end-of-year report form as well as the student and teacher SATs.

A Q&A session at the end will allow you to ask anything not covered!

Friday 7th May (4.30-5.30pm)

Each Education Officer (Lizzy, Laura, Aoife and Sinéad) will also be running their own regional webinars which will take teachers through the end-of-year report process. Each EO will let you know of those dates directly by email.

Subject Specific Trainings - Recordings and Resources

These online two hour trainings explored how you can bring in GCE themes within your subject areas.  There are lots of suggested resources and ideas for action.

Click on the links below to access each recording and supporting resources:

MATHS: Recording and resources here
GEOGRAPHY: Recording and Resources here
HOME ECONOMICS: Recording and resources here
SCIENCE: Recording here
HISTORY: Recording Here
BUSINESS: Check back for resources
VISUAL ART: Recording here

National Teacher Training

Thursday 28th January, 9.30am-12pm

This event brought together teachers and NGOs working in the space of Global Citizenship Education to strengthen their practice through support and advice from one another.

Please find the recording for each of the days sessions below:


Introduction Recording


 - Suggested Covid-19 Adaptions for GCE schools (Laura)

- Introduction to grant spending (Lizzy)

Adapting GCE Recording
Grant Spending Recording


Each organisation provided an input - sharing what they have to offer to schools. Please click on the name of the organisation to access the recording of their session and learn more.

Amnesty International
Development Perspectives
Financial Justice Ireland (FJI)
Global Action Plan (GAP)
Latin America Solidarity Centre (LASC)
Self Help Africa (SHA)
Young Social Innovators (YSI)

Thematic Workshops 

Each recording provides:
- An 'expert' input on the global justice issue.
- Practical advice on how to explore the global justice issue through WWGS 6 step programme (approach, good resources, videos, ideas for raising awareness and taking meaningful actions etc).
- A teacher input or case study on how they took a thematic approach to that global justice issue.

Click on theme to access the recording:


Principal Symposium

Each year, post-primary school management are invited to participate in this symposium which explores opportunities for Global Citizenship Education in schools.

2020 Recording here

A Critical Thinking Approach to Global Citizenship Education & adapting to Covid-19

These sessions have now been completed.

Resources from the training including the video, are available for download here:

Training Resources

WWGS Introduction Webinars

These sessions have now been completed.

Please contact your Education Officer, find recording below and check out the How to Guide.

Recording of Introduction to GCE

Global Passport Webinar

This recorded webinar will introduce you to the Global Passport Award - providing tips and guidance on how to apply for the Award. 


Global School Partnership Training

Friday 27th November 2020 (POSTPONED)

This training takes place each November and is for schools who have a school partnership with a school in the Global South, or who are interested in establishing a partnership with a school in the Global South.

Please feel free to register and we will keep you on file and let you know when the training has a new date.

If you have any questions on Global School Partnerships please contact the Education Officer in your area.

Register Here
Education Officer

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