Meet Our Team

The WWGS Team

Rita Walsh

Acting Director

Rita has been working for over twelve years in international development and community development in Ireland and has worked directly with schools in the delivery of GCE. She holds an MA in the Sociology of Development and has worked with two international NGOs over the past decade, including working overseas in East Timor in a project delivery capacity. Rita has more recently worked with Self Help Africa in a project support capacity for overseas country programmes, including Ethiopia and Malawi.

Rita has extensive grant management experience having spent five years working with Pobal on the disbursement of grant funding to an extensive range of community and voluntary groups across Ireland.

Eleftheria Papamichali


Eleftheria joined the WWGS team in 2021. Her responsibility as a Programme Administrator for WWGS is to ensure the integrity of the WWGS programme by providing full support across the whole WWGS programme and staff team.

Eleftheria has vast experience in GCE and programme administration.

Mary Byrne

Database Administrator

Mary joined the WWGS team in 2020. Her responsibility as a database administrator for WWGS is to ensure the integrity of the WWGS database. She is involved in the planning and development of the database, as well as in troubleshooting any issues on behalf of the users. She works to ensure that data remains consistent across the database.

Mary has vast experience in database administration.

Lisa Gallagher

Grants and Operations Officer

Lisa has a background working in Financial Services and holds a BA in Business Studies.  Lisa has a keen interest in Global Citizenship Education and the Development/ Education sectors. Lisa holds a Postgraduate Diploma in International Development from Maynooth University (formerly Kimmage). Lisa previously worked with Plan International Dublin in a Business Development role.  While there she visited programmes in Burkina Faso. She also visited Uganda as a volunteer in 2016. 

Lisa believes engaging young people in local and global issues is critical.  Not only can this benefit themselves in becoming active global citizens, but this also benefits their communities and beyond.  Lisa would love to see Global Citizenship Education even more widely available to young people in Ireland

Lizzy Noone

Education Officer (East, based in Dublin)

Lizzy has been working with schools on Global Citizenship Education and campaigning for over fifteen years. She represented Ireland on the European Development Education Forum for four years, and has been a member of the steering group of the Global Campaign for Education, Stop Climate Chaos and Act Now 2015 for many years.

She has headed up three EU funded projects: Stop Child Labour 1 and 2, and Food Right Now. She has worked with Concern Debates and is the founder of the Concern Campaign Academy that engages students in GCE and campaigns. She believes that GCE can fit in to every subject area and would love to see the day when all young people in Ireland have access to Global Citizenship Education on a regular basis.

Sinéad Hayes


Sinéad has an MA in International Development from Maynooth University. Her key focus of study were approaches to learning, sustainability and what drives people to make and create change. She has been working in education, management, public engagement and advocacy since 2015.

Sinéad has vast experience in facilitation and training across sectors. She has worked with schools, businesses, community groups and volunteers to define shared goals and take collective and informed action. Sinéad believes that GCE is for everyone – its methodologies and interconnectedness greatly enhance learning across curricula and create critical and motivated thinkers.

Aoife Rankin

Education Officer (West, based in Galway)

Aoife has over 12 years of teaching experience at post-primary level in Ireland. She holds a BA in International Marketing & Japanese from DCU and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education from NUIG. Aoife is a fluent Irish speaker and completed an MA in Teaching Languages through the medium of Irish with NUIG in 2011. She is currently doing an MSc in Education Management & Training (through eLearning) with DCU.

From her professional experience at post-primary level, Aoife considers Global Citizenship Education to be an invaluable area of learning in helping students build an awareness of global issues and nurture in them a deep interest, respect, and desire for positive change in our global community.

Laura Power

Education Officer (South, based in Waterford)

Laura holds an MA in International Politics, with particular expertise in exploring the root causes of societal injustices. Laura’s academic work sparked her continued commitment to encouraging others to critically think and explore new perspectives. She has over 7 years’ teaching and facilitation experience in the NGO, charity, and education sectors in roles that advocate for political, social and cultural change.

An experienced GCE practitioner, Laura implemented and launched a Global Citizenship curriculum as Schools’ Programme Manager with The HOPE Foundation, and worked on the ground in Kolkata as Development Coordinator of Suas’ Overseas Volunteer Programme. Laura was awarded a place on the ‘EU India 40 under 40 Young Leader’ list at The European Parliament for her work on building relationships between Ireland and India. She is an alumna of the Washington Ireland Programme for Service and Leadership.

She is passionate about GCE; the power of it, and the small yet significant steps that can be taken to help change the world.