Tackling Current Issues, Workshop, Dec 4th 2024

This workshop will give the right tools and right ways to educators to approach the crises that society is facing, from climate change to conflict, in a safe and balanced way in the classroom.

Peace and Justice, Workshop, Nov 10th 2022

With the increase in military spending due to the war in Ukraine (and let’s face it many other wars happening in the world) there is an increasing need for us to be anti-war and peace agents. This online workshop in collaboration with Afri will bring you (and therefore your students) on a journey from a global overview of war and militarisation to taking meaningful action in your school.

Modern Day Slavery

The abolition of the transatlantic slave trade began 200 years ago, and many schools marked this event. However, new forms of slavery are prevalent today.

Peace keeping

Peace and stability are central to sustainable development.

Conflict and the Global Arms Trade

The world cannot afford war. People cannot stand by while the numbers of war and environmental refugees soar, while poverty spreads like an epidemic and money for education, health, job training and other needed services are stolen to pay for weapons.

Resource Extraction

Countries that are rich in natural resources are often poor and suffer from high rates of inequality, corruption, human rights abuse, and environmental degradation.

Sustainable Fishing

Overfishing is the process of catching too many fish at once, so that the breeding population becomes too depleted to recover.

Fast Fashion

Being an ethical consumer in today’s world requires first recognizing that consumption is not just embedded in economic relations, but also social and political ones.

Child Labour

For tens of millions of children around the world, their basic rights are at risk because they have to work.

Water Conflict

The conflict over water relates to the gap between demand and supply. Add in climate change, the geopolitics of water transfers and pressures from population increase and the problem becomes only too obvious.