Peace and Justice, Workshop, Nov 10th 2022

With the increase in military spending due to the war in Ukraine (and let’s face it many other wars happening in the world) there is an increasing need for us to be anti-war and peace agents. This online workshop in collaboration with Afri will bring you (and therefore your students) on a journey from a global overview of war and militarisation to taking meaningful action in your school.

Resource Extraction

Countries that are rich in natural resources are often poor and suffer from high rates of inequality, corruption, human rights abuse, and environmental degradation.

Sustainable Fishing

Overfishing is the process of catching too many fish at once, so that the breeding population becomes too depleted to recover.

Fast Fashion

Being an ethical consumer in today’s world requires first recognizing that consumption is not just embedded in economic relations, but also social and political ones.


For decades, global economies have focused on growth, often at the expense of the environment, traditional land use and land rights of indigenous people and the habitats of plant and animal species.


This resource sheet strives to introduce to you the area of wellbeing as a global justice issue but also how we integrate global justice into the Wellbeing Framework.

Migration and Seeking Assylum

Globally there are more people on the move than ever before. These are people who were mostly forced to flee their own countries due to climate change, demographics, instability, growing inequality, terrorism, conflict and aspirations for a better life.

Stereotype Workshops

Exploring stereotypes is a good way to introduce issues of equality including themes of racial justice, discrimination, gender equality, LGBTQi etc Here’s a couple of past workshops we have done that have worked well: Workshop plan: Stereotypes workshop Workshop with second level students Stereotypes with students Workshop with teachers in training Stereotype presentation for teachers in training Labelling game sticker …