We Need to Talk About Fundraising, Workshop, Dec 10th 2024

This workshop is about how we can put fundraising in context and scaffold fundraising activities with teaching and learning, while also offering other ways in which learners can take meaningful action to play their part in changing the world.

Stereotype Workshops

Exploring stereotypes is a good way to introduce issues of equality including themes of racial justice, discrimination, gender equality, LGBTQi etc Here’s a couple of past workshops we have done that have worked well: Workshop plan: Stereotypes workshop Workshop with second level students Stereotypes with students Workshop with teachers in training Stereotype presentation for teachers in training Labelling game sticker …

CSPE resources

Here’s a few useful resources for CSPE-there’s lots more for this subject but these are our top picks: Learn_Can_You_Beat_The_System_Game_Short post-primary-teacher-resource-2 CSPE & DE 1 pager Beyond-the-Symbols-post-primary english-post-primary-resources-2017-2 Tackling Controversial Issues SDGs_Youth_Resource _Pack