Stereotype Workshops

Exploring stereotypes is a good way to introduce issues of equality including themes of racial justice, discrimination, gender equality, LGBTQi etc Here’s a couple of past workshops we have done that have worked well: Workshop plan: Stereotypes workshop Workshop with second level students Stereotypes with students Workshop with teachers in training Stereotype presentation for teachers in training Labelling game sticker …

CSPE resources

Here’s a few useful resources for CSPE-there’s lots more for this subject but these are our top picks: Learn_Can_You_Beat_The_System_Game_Short post-primary-teacher-resource-2 CSPE & DE 1 pager Beyond-the-Symbols-post-primary english-post-primary-resources-2017-2 Tackling Controversial Issues SDGs_Youth_Resource _Pack

Root Causes Lesson

Root causes lesson It’s important to explore look at the root causes of broad issues of poverty, injustice and inequality-asking the question ‘Why?’ and digging a little bit deeper with students is an important part of Global Citizenship Education. It helps students make connections with their own lives but also gives them a good sense of the types of action …

A Sporting Chance

An Oxfam cross curricular resource based on the Olympics but easily adaptable to other sporting events and a lot of great activities here.