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March 1, 2018

The Art of Inequality

Age Group:
Junior Cycle / Senior Cycle / Transition Year
  • Equality
  • Global Statistics
  • Inequality
  • Art and Design
  • Citizenship

This resource, written specially for Art and Design teachers, features a selection of classic designs illustrating particular graphic design techniques and asks learners to use these techniques to illustrate a shocking statistic about global inequality. The resource has been designed to meet the requirements of the Art and Design curricula for England, Scotland and Wales however it is very relevant to Strand 3 Design of the Visual Art Junior Cycle and Section B Unit 5 Visual Communications of the Senior Cycle. The resource enables learners to master design packages such as Photoshop. Using Art and Design to explore the issue of global inequality in a creative way, the sessions are presented with differentiation and extension possibilities that support citizenship education, develop critical thinking skills and help learners to see how resources are distributed amongst the world’s population. There are several sections to the resource which you can download below:

The Art of Inequality – Background information for teachers

The Art of Inequality – TEACHERS OVERVIEW Amended FINAL

The Art of Inequality – SESSION 5 final The Art of Inequality – SESSIONS 1-3 slideshow final

The Art of Inequality – SESSION 4 final

The Art of Inequality – SESSION 3 final

The Art of Inequality – SESSION 2 final The Art of Inequality – SESSION 1 final