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July 11, 2018

Root Causes Lesson

Age Group:
Junior Cycle / Transition Year
  • Inequality
  • Poverty
  • Root causes of inequality
  • Business Studies
  • Citizenship
  • CSPE
  • Economics
  • LCA
  • LCVP
  • Physical Education

Root causes lesson

It’s important to explore look at the root causes of broad issues of poverty, injustice and inequality-asking the question ‘Why?’ and digging a little bit deeper with students is an important part of Global Citizenship Education. It helps students make connections with their own lives but also gives them a good sense of the types of action that need to be taken to change the world.

Here’s a few activities you can use to start off exploring the root causes with your students:

Rank the root causes

Lesson on Root Causes

Explore the root causes of poverty by distinguishing between a symptom and a root cause

Lesson 1. The roots of poverty

Explore how unequal the world is through the distribution of resources

Workshop on Inequality

Use one of these simulation games to allow students to experience the inequality in the world:

Beat the System

The Trading Game

The Biscuit Game