What We Offer

Resources and Tools

WWGS has a range of tools on offer to help guide and support schools in engaging with Global Citizenship Education. Please see below for a selection of these tools.

1) Subject Guidelines (Linked to the Curriculum):

WWGS have developed a series of guidelines to help you approach GCE in the Curriculum and other aspects of school life. If you are a school, teacher or organisation our guides will help you get started. If you wish to access hard copies of any of these resources please get in touch.

Irish Language Subject Guidelines:

2) Self Assessment Tool (SAT):

This tool allows you to track and measure the learning arising from GCE. It allows you to track the progress teachers and students are making in GCE.

You may use either the online or paper version SAT this year.

Online SAT:

The online SAT tool is available here (or click the first button).

Instructions for online SAT

Paper SAT:

The paper versions and instructions can be downloaded below:

SAT Template – Students PDF
SAT Template – Students doc
SAT Template – Teachers PDF
SAT Template – Teachers doc
SAT 1 Page Guide
SAT TOOL – Reporting Template

SAT Indicators:

If you wish to develop your own SAT, please download the “doc” versions of the template above and see some ideas below for indicators. 

The current SAT indicators are developed based on the JC and SC curriculum (Statements of Learning and Key Skills). Click on the bottom below to identify the links.

Curriculum links to indicators (JC & SC)
Sample Indicators

3) Teacher Handbook for Global Citizenship Education:

This handbook provides more information on the WWGS programme and how to explore GCE in your school. WWGS recommends a 6-step programme to help you approach GCE in your school. The steps are outlined in the handbook.

Teacher Handbook for Global Citizenship Education

4) Global Passport Award:

This WWGS Global Passport Guide provides schools with information on the various ways that they can explore GCE and get recognition for their work.

See here for more information on the Global Passport Award.

Schools can apply for the award by 28th Feb 2020. This will be awarded at the WWGS Annual Conference held on April 2nd 2020 in Cork (Clayton Hotel Silver Springs).

Global Passport Award

5) Case Studies:

WWGS has captured some valuable feedback on good practise Global Citizenship Education being undertaken in a number of WWGS supported schools. These case studies are short (just 1-2 pages) and provide valuable insights and ideas on how other schools are exploring GCE and how you might do similarly in your own school.

WWGS Case Study #1 Curriculum – Planning
WWGS Case Study #2 Curriculum – Politics & Society
WWGS Case Study #3 Teacher Capacity – Engaging Teachers
WWGS Case Study #4 Student Capacity – Students GCE Committee
WWGS Case Study #5 Student Capacity – Climate Action Network
WWGS Case Study #6 School Leadership – Whole School Approach to GCE

6) List of Facilitators:

WWGS offers a list of facilitators who are available to come to your school. We are currently updating this list. Please contact us directly for recommendations.

List of Facilitators