The WWGS Global Passport Award

The WWGS Global Passport Framework is a tool developed to support schools with their GCE journey. Its purpose is two-fold; it is a planning tool and an award that recognises good practice in GCE.

The application process for 2024 is now closed.

What is the Global Passport Award?

The Global Passport Award is an EU recognised quality mark, acknowledging and celebrating the great work happening in schools in GCE.

It offers schools a framework to integrate GCE into their whole-school community.

It is a self-assessed and externally-audited accreditation and it is open to post-primary schools in Ireland.

What Awards are offered under the Global Passport?:

There are 3 different types of Global Passport Awards that schools can apply for depending on their level of engagement with Global Citizenship Education (GCE). These include:

  • The Citizen’s Passport Award - for school's emerging engagement with GCE (Bronze)

  • The Diplomatic Passport Award- for school's established engagement with GCE (Silver)

  • The Special Passport Award - for school's exceptional engagement with GCE (Gold)

What is involved in the application process?

Schools rate their level of Global Citizenship activity under 6 categories or passport ‘stamps’:

  1. Curriculum
  2. Extra-Curricular activities
  3. Teacher Capacity & Engagement
  4. Student Capacity & Engagement
  5. School Leadership & Policies
  6. Community Engagement

The total score achieved in all 6 categories/stamps will determine which of the three Global Passport Awards are awarded.

Find out more in our WWGS Passport Award Framework.

Image of the Global Passport Award Framework

When is the application deadline?

The application process for 2024 is now closed.

How do I apply?

If your school is interested in applying for the Global Passport Award, please register your interest below (click on the button below). For more information please contact the education officer in your area.

Registration is closed

      When will the awardees be announced?

      If your school is awarded a Global Passport, you will be notified by April each year. Awardees will be announced at the School Management Symposium in April 2024.