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Grant Supports

Spending your School Grant

Your application outlines all of the items you intended to spend your grant funding on. Here are some resources to guide you on grant spending*:

  • These are ideas under each budget line (in your application) that you can use your grant funding to purchase.
Items Eligible for Funding
  • Access a list of facilitators and NGO's who can provide in-school workshops with your students. Most will be able to provide these online too:
Facilitators List

*Please contact your Education Officer if you wish to make changes to your approved budget. 

Claiming Substitution

For teachers attending WWGS training and events, we offer a contribution of €40 per hour towards substitution cost.  Follow the instructions below for how to claim.

Claiming Substitution Instructions

Applying for a School Grant- the Grant Call for 22/23 will open on April 7th 2022

Key dates:

Grant Round Opens: April 7th 2022
School apply Deadline: May 13th 2022

If you are a current Grantee you will automatically be set up with a online application form. You will find this on your WWGS Online Account once the grant call opens. Instructions will also be posted here. 

Reporting on your School Grant

Key dates:

  • Check your budget: 1st March 2022
  • End-of-Year report due: 13thth May 2022

All schools who have contracted with WWGS and received their grant funding are required to report on the activities they undertook and where the money was spent.  Contact your Education Officer for ideas and support anytime.

There are three elements to reporting for your school grant:

  1. Narrative Report - Outlining the GCE activities you undertook and with whom.
  2. Financial Report - Detailing your expenditure/spend
  3. Self Assessment Tool - These are the WWGS evaluation forms/surveys and can be completed online or in hard-copy throughout the year. The online route should be a lot easier for schools!

Further Instructions:

Further instructions are available to support you completing your report and online SATs. Please click on the relevant button:

Reporting Instructions For Schools
Online SAT Instructions