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April 19, 2022

Degrowth, WWGS Student Annual Conference, April 2022

Age Group:
Junior Cycle / Senior Cycle / Transition Year
  • Degrowth
  • Goal 8
  • Agricultural Science
  • Economics
  • Home Economics
  • Politics and Society
  • Wellbeing
  • WWGS Global Citizenship Education

Event Date

April 7, 2022

Event Time



WWGS Annual Student Conference 2022: ‘Degrowth: Uniting Students for Radical Change’

Student Conference photo collage

The theme of this year’s online WWGS Student Conference was ‘Degrowth’. It included online and offline activities. Below you can find the recordings and resources on the theme of degrowth.

Do people matter as much as profit?
Is our society more than just an economy?
Are people and the planet interconnected?
For countries to thrive, does our world or climate have to suffer?

This year’s WWGS student conference brought young people across Ireland together to help answer these questions, and explore the possible solutions.

In exploring how we can create a better balance towards happiness, well being, and the broader environment, we saw how some of our own WWGS schools are tackling this issue, as well as leaders from industries including fashion, business, politics, and farming, to name a few.

Examples of themes explored on the day: Tax justice, trade justice, ethical consumption and production, fast fashion, biodiversity crisis, global inequality, workers rights. The conference closed with the Global Passport Award ceremony, where we celebrated schools who were successful in obtaining an Award for their commitment to Global Citizenship Education this year.

Workshop Resources

Video Recording

The recording is divided in smaller youtube videos by each section of the conference.

  1. Introduction to degrowth
  2. Panel Discussion 1: Digging deeper: Degrowth
  3. Panel Discussion 2: Biodiversity, Farming and Degrowth
  4. Panel Discussion 3: Fast Fashion & Circular Economy
  5. Panel Discussion 4: Degrowth: Tax, trade, debt and the social economy
  6. Student Class Activity: Looking at your GCE theme through a Degrowth lens
  7. Global Passport Award Ceremony 2022
  8. Conference Evaluation and Close

The recordings are available here.

The music playlist can be found here.

Activity resources

Please find here the in class activity that was shared during the conference. The aim of the activity is to look at GCE in different ways.

Visual harvest

Visual artist Blanche Ellis did a brilliant job of capturing the sentiment of the day through this wonderful graphic harvest. Please feel free to print for your school! Please find it in pdf here.

Organisations mentioned and featured:

SAT form- Conference Feedback

If you have attended the conference and not done so already, we would really appreciate, if you and some of the students who attended the conference could please complete this short self assessment tool. All feedback is incredibly helpful for our conference planning going forward.

Other resources

Books mentioned

  • How Europe Underdeveloped Africa – Walter Rodney
  • Consumed by Aja Barber 
  • How the World Works by Jason Hickel

More resources

Do you want more resources on Degrowth? Check our Degrowth page.