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February 2, 2021

Science, Thematic Workshop, Jan 21st 2021

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Junior Cycle / Senior Cycle / Transition Year
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Event Date

January 21, 2021

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Science and Global Citizenship Education

“There is so much that humanity could gain, so many ways in which it could flourish, were the appalling waste of the possibilities of science and technology to be deflected from the goals of war and the armaments’ industry to the tasks of peace and sustainable development.” – President Michael D. Higgins, 11th of January 2017, BTYSTE.

Webinar Resources:

The recording provides:

  • An ‘expert’ input on the global justice issue of ‘Science’.
  • Practical advice on how to explore ‘Science’ through WWGS 6 step programme (approach, good resources, videos, ideas for raising awareness and taking meaningful actions etc).
  • A teacher input/case study on how they took a thematic approach to ‘Science’.

You can find the 2021 webinar recording here.

WWGS Science Resources:

Doing GCE in Science – Guidebook and activities for Junior Certificate Science

Other Resources:

  • Science and Global Citizenship: Why Teach Science with a Global Citizenship Approach? A resource from Oxfam and The Association for Science Education

Science and Global Citizenship Guide

  • Life cycle activity – investigating the life cycle of everyday items

Life Cycle Template

Life Cycle Sorting Cards

  • Sustainability – presentation on sustainability and collection of associated words

Sustainability Presentation

Sustainability Words