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December 20, 2018

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Maths and Global Citizenship Education

Maths is great subject in which to explore Global Citizenship Education.

Here’s a recording of WWGS CPD on Exploring GCE in Maths

Here’s the Powerpoint presentation used-feel free to use any of it in your classroom:


Maths worksheet for on Palma ratio Calculate the Palma Ratio

Here’s some top recommendations for Doing GCE in Maths

Financial Justice Ireland‘s resource for Junior Cycle ‘We Can Solve It

LCA Maths resource: New Perspectives LCA resouce FJL

Written by Maths teachers for Maths teachers this resource has lots of GCE related activities for your Maths class

The Maths of Migration

PicaM Project in Citizenship and Maths

This is an excellent resource looking at maps, measurement, our perspective and colonisation.

Loreto’s quick guide on Maths in Junior Cycle: Maths-jun-Cycle1

Oxfam‘s general guide on Maths they have a wealth of resources for Maths


Trocaire’s Climate Change resource including Maths activities: post-primary-teacher-resource-2

Maths & DE 1 pager

Scot Dec resources on Maths can be found here:


Catch Them If You Can-making sense of financial justice with excellent ways of presenting information:

There are great global data and statistic websites like and Our own Centrat Statistics Office has a hub of data on the Sustainable Development Goals

Here’s a quick blog from to give you a taster of Our World In Data:

If you are covering gender equality in your school-here’s a nice piece on the first women ever to get a Nobel Prize for Maths

Hans Rosling’s statistics website with lots of resources including the one mentioned in the CPD: GapminderSort


The Infinite Monkey Cage has some good episodes that are GCE related especially the one on Climate Change

Oxfam’s podcasts many on data and measurement and all kinds of global issues

Oxfam has amazing resources for Maths particularly on wealth inequality:

Here’s Oxfam’s latest inequality report: bp-the-inequality-virus-summ-250121-en

Here’s their excellent blog on 5 ideas for Maths

Oxfam resources ‘More or Less Equal’ can be found here:

Here’s the teacher’s guide to More or Less Equal:


Oxfam resources ‘Bringing Data to Life’

KS4 Session 3 Learner Worksheet 3A

KS4 Session 3 Learner Worksheet 3B

KS4 Session 3 Plan

KS4 Session 3 Slideshow OP

KS4 Session 3 Summary Activity

KS4 Session 2 Learner Worksheet 2B OP

KS4 Session 2 Slideshow OP



Here’s a recording of a Continuous Professional Development with St Louis Teachers:

Here’s the Powerpoint presentation used:

Maths St Louis CPD Final