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August 17, 2023

Introduction to WWGS and Global Citizenship Education, Online Workshop, Sept 19th 2023

Age Group:
Junior Cycle / Senior Cycle / Transition Year
  • Digging Deeper
  • Global Citizenship Education
  • WWGS Global Citizenship Education

Event Date

September 19, 2023

Event Time

9:30– 11:30 am OR 4:00 - 6:00 pm



Introduction to WWGS and Global Citizenship Education

Our first workshop for this academic year is essential for any new schools or teachers to WorldWise Global Schools and Global Citizenship Education (GCE).

Workshop Resources

Video Recording

The recording includes the following chapters:

  • WWGS support and events
  • Global Citizenship Education and curriculum links
  • WWGS Guiding Principles and discussion on how to approach GCE
  • WWGS Digging Deeper Model, tool for quality and in depth approach to GCE
  • WWGS 6 step approach, SDG’s, Global Passport Award, useful websites and WWGS website overview

Watch here.


Please find the presentation in different formats:

Further Learning & Resources Mentioned

WorldWise Global Schools mentioned links: 

  • Upcoming training and events: here
  • WWGS Education officers: here
  • WWGS Teacher guidebook for download:here 
  • WWGS CSPE guide for download here
  • WWGS How to apply for substitution instructional video: here

Discussing the solidarity approach with students:
Additional resources mentioned during the session: 

  • Youtube video: Radiators for Norway: A satirical video made in response to the ‘LiveAid Legacy’ Link: here
  • TedTalk The Danger of a Single Story. A TedTalk which discusses the danger of stereotypes and unconscious bias, and the importance of critical reflection. Link here

Useful websites 

  • WorldWise Global Schools: Recorded thematic CPD training, upcoming training and events, GCE subject guides, thematic resource sheets, GCE facilitators, GCE supports, Global Passport Award information, GCE Case studies, Self Assessment Tool. 
  • National Youth Council of Ireland: Excellent youth centred resources with in class activities. eg. Globalisation, Climate Justice, Activism.  
  • Financial Justice Ireland: Financial and Trade Justice resources: Business, Maths, LCA Social Education, LCA Maths, SC Politics and Society, TY Module : How the World Works (links to all subjects) 
  • Upstream Podcast:Podcast series focusing on root cause of world issues linked to economics: eg. the roots of race and class, Feminism for the 99 percent, The Green Transition.