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February 22, 2021

Geography and GCE – Curriculum Resources

Age Group:
Junior Cycle / Senior Cycle / Transition Year
  • Controversial Issues
  • Development
  • Identity and Diversity
  • Perspectives
  • Social Justice Mindset
  • sustainability
  • Geography

Geography and Global Citizenship Education

Curriculum Resources

Thank you for following our link to Geography and GCE. Below you find our most recent webinar recording and resource specifically for Geography, followed by additional resources to assist you. Please get in touch with your Education Officer to learn more or if you have any questions on the resources.

WWGS Geography Resources:

Teaching and Learning Materials/Sites:

CBA – Geography in the News:

In the links below you can find articles on geography and environmental issues.

Digging Deeper – Critical question sheet for students when exploring Geography in the News

Mainstream News Sites focusing on Geography:

Magazines/ Sites focussing on Geography:

Student focused news sites:


Student Search Engine: