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December 9, 2020

Energy, Thematic Workshop, Dec 7th 2020

Age Group:
Junior Cycle / Senior Cycle / Transition Year
  • Clean Energy
  • Energy
  • Global Goals
  • Goal 7
  • SDGs
  • Sustainable Development
  • Agricultural Science
  • Geography
  • Mathematics
  • Science

Event Date

December 7, 2020

Event Time



Energy Workshop (Global Goal 7)

This workshop offers input and advice on the exploration of the Global Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy in post-primary school.

Workshop Resources

Video Recording

The recording provides:

  • An ‘expert’ input on the global justice issue of ‘Energy’.
  • Practical advice on how to explore ‘Energy’ through WWGS 6 step programme (approach, good resources, videos, ideas for raising awareness and taking meaningful actions etc).
  • A teacher input/ case study on how they took a thematic approach to ‘Energy’.

The recording is available here.


Here is the Powerpoint presentation of the event: Energy Workshop

Other Resources

  • Here is the video of the D7 Unplugged Solar Schools Winner 2020: D7 Unplugged Video
  • Do you want to find out more on how to approach the Global Goal 7 in your class? You can find more resources here.