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December 20, 2018

Business Resources

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Junior Cycle / Senior Cycle / Transition Year
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Business Studies and GCE

Worldwise Global Schools have a guide specifically geared towards Junior Cycle Business Studies-you can find it here-WorldWise Global Schools JC-Business Guide

WorldWise also provide training for teachers on GCE in general and on specific subject areas

Please find the presentation used at the JCT Business training WWGS JCT Business Studies Training Presentation Nov 2021.

Please find the recording of this training here.

Other useful resource packs for teaching

Financial Justice Ireland has some great resources for Business Studies

Not Business As Usual-a Junior cycle resource by Financial Justice Ireland not_business_as_usual_resource-3

-How the World Works 3-another great resource by Financial Justice Ireland for TY, Business and Geography. How the World Works presentation WWGS 1.2.18-2

-Accounting For Justice: A facilitators guide to explaining the global tax system: accounting_for_justice


Lesson on Root Causes

Loreto Education Centre tips for JCT Business1-2

Self Help Africa TY Resource on the Chocolate Trade

Trocaire’s resource on Food Justice-The Business of Food-2

PMIA A Business Studies Development Education Transition Unit Resource Pack (PDF)


Sustainable Living Ireland’s cross curricular resource Beyond_the_Symbols_Post_Primary

Short Videos to Use in the Classroom

The Impossible Hamster

The Luckiest Nut in the World


Tax Justice

Trade Justice Alternative Visions from the Global South

Simulation Games

Race to the Bottom-gives a flavour of how MNCs can contribute to inequality:


The Trading Game is a simulation game and one of the best ways for students to understand how unfair our Global trade system is.

Beat the System is a good way of students understanding how vulnerable food producers are to different factors like pricing, land grabs and climate change

Oxfam Resource based on a simulation game Beat the System

Further Reading, Listening and Watching….


The New Internationalist Magazine

Jason Hickel Books: The Divide, Less is More

Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth

Please note the links above are for Dubray books but feel free to choose any other local book supplier.



Citations Needed

David McWilliams 

Reversing Climate Change-this is run by carbon trading company Nori so there may be a slight bit of green washing but I like the solution based focus it has.

Reboot Republic

Ted Talks:

Modern Monetary Theory 

Doughnut Economics

That should keep you going there is plenty more but if you need anything else contact