Case Studies
August 17, 2022

Creating a Global Garden for Global Justice – North Wicklow ETSS

Video casestudy:

In May 2022, North Wicklow ETSS launched their Global Garden, a showcase of 3rd year Sustainability action projects.

3rd year students developed a biodiversity garden area, researching native plants and habitats that will sustain wildlife throughout the year. As part of the National Biodiversity Data Centre students will carry out citizen science research by collecting scientific data, recording the plants, flowers, insects, birds and animals that visit the area throughout the year to input into Biodiversity Irelands portal. Students were encouraged to take photos, videos, make drawings and write notes on their findings to include in a showcase event.

Students worked in a variety of subject areas to develop local and global connections to their project, for example Geography (soil type, climate, soil depletion), science (seed germination, GMO crops), art (the work of artist and activist Kui Hua Zi), English (research newspaper articles related to global food security and in particular the research of Vandana Shiva), and History (of seeds and biodiversity around the world).

Please see video below to hear from the students themselves:

Here is some information from students on their school’s global garden

Here are some teaching & learning materials that were developed as part of this project

  1. Global Garden Bingo Activity

2. Introduction to the Global Garden and Food Miles (presentation)

A sample of the activities developed as part of this project