Case Studies
February 8, 2022

Black History Month – Coláiste Bríde Clondalkin

Rocayra is a lover of history who noticed that anything she knew about Black history was information she had to seek out, learn from family and research. She felt this wasn’t right, so she emailed her Principal to ask if Black history was something their school could celebrate. Her principal was ecstatic to learn that one student was stepping up to take the lead on an important project like this one.

Rocayra goes to an all girls school where equality is a key focus. She said that the school encourages you to be yourself. “Doing black history month is my best way of being me and showing my culture”. She wants to see a change in the school curriculum at a national level but she also realised that it was possible to see change in her own school now.

Rocayra came up with a month of presentations on key people in history to include in Black History Month. She consulted with her family, friends and deputy principal on who to include in the focus and what the structure of the month could be.

Her advice to other students is “Don’t be afraid to speak out or do something…if you feel it’s something right and needs to be done, do it!”