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Student Annual Conference 2022

Thursday 7th April 2022, 9:30 AM - 13:30 PM

Theme: Degrowth: Uniting Students for Radical Change
(includes online and offline activities, with additional option for teachers to continue in- class discussion after lunch)
Place: Online via Zoom and Youtube Live (links to follow!)

Do people matter as much as profit?
Is our society more than just an economy?
Are people and the planet interconnected?
For countries to thrive, does our world or climate have to suffer? 

This year's WWGS student conference will be bringing young people across Ireland together to help answer these questions, and explore the possible solutions.

In exploring how we can create a better balance towards happiness, well being, and the broader environment, we will see how some of our own WWGS schools are tackling this issue, as well as leaders from industries including fashion, business, politics, and farming, to name a few. 

Examples of themes explored on the day:  Tax justice, trade justice, ethical consumption and production, fast fashion, biodiversity crisis, global inequality, workers rights. The conference will close with the Global Passport Award ceremony, where we will celebrate schools who were successful in obtaining an Award for their commitment to Global Citizenship Education this year. 

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