Self-Assessment Tool (SAT)

Self Assessment Tool (SAT)


This tool allows you to track and measure the learning arising from GCE. It allows you to track the progress teachers and students are making in GCE.

You may use either the online or paper version SAT this year. For schools in particular, we recommend the online version of this tool. Very soon you will be able to see all of the results for your school on the online school portal. We will let you know as soon as this is visible for you. In the meantime, rest assured that we are receiving your SATs once they are filled in online, so we have all of the results on our side 🙂 .

Option 1 (recommended) Online SAT: Please watch the short video below on how to complete the online SAT. The orange button below also contains written instructions on how to complete the SAT.

The online SAT tool is available here (or click the orange button above).

Instructions for online SAT

Option 2 Paper (offline) SAT:

The paper versions and instructions can be downloaded below:

SAT Template – Students PDF
SAT Template – Students doc
SAT Template – Teachers PDF
SAT Template – Teachers doc
SAT TOOL – Reporting Template

SAT Indicators:

If you wish to develop your own SAT, please download the “doc” versions of the template above and see some ideas below for indicators. 

The current SAT indicators are developed based on the JC and SC curriculum (Statements of Learning and Key Skills). Click on the bottom below to identify the links.

Curriculum links to indicators (JC & SC)
Sample Indicators