Access to Education

Education is essential for an individual’s, community’s and nation’s development. Education is a public good, a global common good, a fundamental human right and a basis for guaranteeing the realisation of other rights.


This resource sheet strives to introduce to you the area of wellbeing as a global justice issue but also how we integrate global justice into the Wellbeing Framework.


Poverty is not natural; it is man-made but the way that it is spoken about and particularly how people living in poverty are spoken about, does not reflect this.

Land Grabs

In today’s world landowners, agribusinesses, investors and governments want to acquire land to turn into crop plantations to make huge profits.

Racial Justice

Racism is when an individual, group, structure or institution intentionally (or unintentionally) abuses their power to the detriment of people, because of their action or perceived “racialised background. 

Philosophy and GCE

Find articles and teaching resources on Philosophy and Global Citizenship Education.