Global Passport

The Curricular Stamp:

2. GCE in Transition Year

Implementing GCE  into Transition Year (TY) can be as simple as exploring GCE themes in their subject areas – to developing and deliverng a GCE TY module. 

Below are some resources and practical school examples to guide you through implementing this stamp category:


Financial Justice Ireland

One of the best resources geared towards TYs is Financial Justice Ireland’s How the World Works.

NCCA Approved Development Education Units

The NCCA have designed a Transition units on Global Development Issues. provides a plethora of DE resources for teachers to avail of. Click here to find TY tagged resources. International as well as Irish resources are added to the catalogue regularly.

TY Business

Business Studies and Development Education

Practical School Examples:

Here are some examples from the applications of Global Passport Awardees. These provide some ideas for what your school can do in this category:

Presentation Secondary School, Ballingarry

“This is our first year to have a specific Development Education class for Transition Years.  So far we have looked at People, Resources and the Environment.  We looked at this in two strands, which we connected – our own health and well being is dependent on the health and well being of the planet. We built a meditation garden from willow and researched how environmental damage has a huge impact on people worldwide but especially in developing countries. Students are also booked in to visit the Irish Aid Centre in Dublin as part of their studies.” Citizens Global Passport Award Winner 2017

Loreto Secondary School, Fermoy

“Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) is a Loreto initiative and is promoted in our school in Transition Year. All students undertake a module on JPIC as part of the RE programme and undertake a project on local and global DE issues. This year we had student engagement in the following areas: developing a cross curricular approach to DE in our school; improving the visual display of social justice projects in our school; war; communicating with our twin school in Kolkata; human trafficking; Fairtrade; and gender equality in education. Next year we will be running a NCCA-validated DE module over 10 weeks to all Transition year students.”  Diplomatic Global Passport Award Winner 2015


Regina Mundi College, Cork

“Our TY class this year have worked on a series of workshops in conjunction with Plan Ireland on a wide variety of development issues. The aim at the end of their sessions was to establish a mini NGO to promote awareness of development issues within the school. They created this mini NGO called DREAM. (Desire to Reach Education Awareness Matters) and presented a workshop to a 2nd year CSPE class using PowerPoints, presentation skills and walking debates. They also conducted a survey across all year groups and presented their results to the school. Throughout this process they examined the differences between boys and girls as regards education.” Special Global Passport Award Winner 2016