Global Passport

Stamp 3, Teacher Capacity: Part 1.


There is never any shortage of Global Citizenship resources and right here on our website is a good place to start.

Find our Resource Library with suggested resources organised by Global Goals, themes and subjects. You will also find our How-To Guide that provides you with tools to plan and approach.


WWGS Subject Specific Guides:

WWGS have developed a new series of resources to support teachers to integrate GCE into their curriculum. Teachers may explore their subjects with a global justice lens while meeting the requirements as laid out in the specifications. The guides enable teachers to challenge their students to look at our world, and our role in making it a more just, equitable and sustainable. Parts or all of these resources may be used to assists teachers plan their lessons.

WWGS Subject Specific Guides

WWGS Resource Library

WWGS has developed a Resource Library with suggested resources organised by theme:

WWGS Resource Library

This website offers a range of GCE resources to assist teachers to explore global justice topics with their students. You can search their resource catalogue for topics relevant to subject areas and topics:

Resource Catalogue

Global Dimensions

A UK website that provides a range of GCE resources for teachers. The resources are easily displayed according to subject, age, topic and whole school.

Ubuntu Network

The Ubuntu Network offers a selection of resources appropriate for integrating GCE into various subject areas in the post-primary curriculum.

Ubuntu Network Resources

The World’s Largest Lesson

The Global Goals for Sustainable Development are a set of targets for countries to reduce poverty and inequality around the world by 2030. The World’s Largest Lesson provides resources and supports for teachers to explore the goals with their students.

The Worlds Largest Lesson

Code of Conduct on Images and Messages:

It is important that the resources you use are Dóchas Code on Images and Messages compliant. If the resource is compliant, you will normally see something like this on the resource:

Dóchas Guide to Ethical Communications

Practical School Examples:

Here are some examples from Global Passport Awardees, which show what they did in their school on this category:

St Brendan’s Community School, Offaly

“Our school policy encourages teachers to share resources which particularly benefits the progress and cross curricular approach to DE in our school. The sharing of such resources particularly takes place through English, History, CSPE and Geography. It is hoped that with the continued development of Google Doc in our school the sharing of resources will continue to improve between and across departments.”  Diplomatic Global Passport Award Winner 2015


Shauna Keyes, Blakestown Community School, Dublin 15 Diplomatic Global Passport Award Winner 2020

‘There are a huge amount of resources being used throughout our classes: 
Worlds Largest Lesson, Financial Justice Ireland’s How the World Works, Concern: Gender Equality, Global Action Plan Resources, SEAI school resources, Amnesty International resources, World Wise Global Schools subject Guides, Fairtrade Resources 

 Our teachers are the biggest resource. Constantly bringing new ideas to our students and challenging how they think and feel. Facilitating reflection in students. Often we use the previous work of students as a resource to begin or introduce a new topic. This has the advantage of being from our school and students recognise and identify with the work’.