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Teacher Capacity & Engagement

1. Staff GCE Committee

In order to plan and organise their GCE programme effectively, many schools have a GCE committee that supports and coordinates GCE within the school. They share GCE learning within the committee and among the broader staff community.

Trudy O’Hora, Coolmine Community College-Diplomatic Passport holder 2020 ‘We have a committee of teachers (11) and students (30) who meet once or twice a month. This facilitates student led activities where students share their ideas and concerns. Teachers follow up by supporting the students in their activities. The network of 11 teachers manages and share ideas with their subject departments at subject meetings. We try to link with each department. There is coordinator for GCE in the school, which helps to gather and share information. They provide teachers with the support that they need to engage with GCE and to support them in any new initiatives that they have’.