Global Passport

Teacher Capacity & Engagement

5. Reflection

Teachers who are engaging in GCE take the time to reflect, evaluate and feedback as part of the GCE learning within the school. Ideally this data is collected and informs planning for GCE activities next year. Meeting together as a group of teachers to reflect collectively is also advised.

WWGS have a Self Assessment Tool (SAT) that you can use with your teachers and your students either using our online system or a paper version. Instructions for the SAT are available here []. The tool is made specifically for post-primary Global Citizenship Education therefore you could score highly on this indicator on the Global Passport if the WWGS SAT is used.

Shauna Keyes, Blakestown Community School High Diplomatic Passport Award Winner 2020.

‘The GCE staff committee complete the SAT making up approx. 20% of the staff. Exit surveys are used in many classes to determine the student voice. These surveys guide teachers in delivery of lessons. 
During GCE Meetings teachers reflect and share the positives and negatives in their classes. These are shared with all the relevant stakeholders in the school, parents, students, teachers and management. 
Success from one year leads the way to new ideas for the next. Improvements are identified and built into the planning for the next year. 
The Reflection tool of Gathering Data, informed action followed by review is at the heart of all our work in BCS and Global Citizenship Education is no exception’.