Global Passport

Stamp 6, Policy & Ethos: Part 3.

Parent / Guardian Consultation

In terms of ensuring a whole school approach that engages as many of the schools community and beyond as possible, it would be advantageous if there were full engagement by the Parents Council in DE activities. This could be as simple as awareness of the Council to DE activities to them taking a championship role or are involved in DE activities on an on-going basis.

Below are some resources and practical school examples to guide you through implementing this stamp category:


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WorldWise Global Schools (WWGS) are on hand through phone, email and visitis to guide you through building your parent / guardian consultation. Please contact us if you have any questions at all on this.

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Practical School Examples:

Here are some examples from the applications of Global Passport Awardees. These provide some great examples for what your school can do in this school category:

Scoil Mhuire Buncranna

The Transition Years have written to the Parents Council introducing the subject of Development Education as a new module in the school for TY. It is part of our plan that the students will present an end of year report to the Parents Council in May of this year and we are hoping this will be as part of a celebration for having achieved the Citizens Passport Award Citizens Global Passport Award Winner 2017

Presentation College, Carlow

“The school Principal and other members of the Parent Council are engaged in DE activities on an ongoing basis. A Teacher Rep on the Parent Council teaches TY DE. She is also one of the teachers who accompanies the GEE students to our Partner School in Kaoma, Zambia. Children of the Chairperson of the Parent Council and a child of another Parent Council member have participated in our GEE programme to Zambia and are subsequently engaged in DE activities. One of the Presentation Sisters is also a Parent Council member and is engaged in DE activities.” Special Global Passport Award Winner 2016

Santa Sabina Dominican College, Dublin

“The Parents’ Council teacher representative is on the DE committee and has informed the group of the whole school approach to DE and updated on some of the activities, including Global Citizens Week.” Citizens Global Passport Award Winner 2015

Coláiste Bhríde Carnew

“Yes the PTA are aware of DE activities on an on-going basis. Some members of the PTA have engaged with several DE activities. Examples would be Dev Ed presentations, Dev Ed Day, whole school assemblies, A chance for Change filming etc. We do not have a DE Champion on the PTA but the secretary would make regular DE reports to the committee. Our PTA would always make a contribution to school policy development and design.” Special Global Passport Award Winner 2015