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The Extra Curricular Stamp

Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) Activities with a GCE Focus

External organisations and facilitators can provide schools with targeted interventions that enrich and complement existing programmes of GCE work. Naturally the more NGOs that are invited to engage with the broadest range of the student and teacher body, the stronger the reach and greater the learning in the whole school.

Below are some resources and practical school examples to guide you through implementing this stamp category:


Panel of GCE Facilitators and NGOS

We provide a list of NGOs and facilitators who can help provide additional GCE input in your school. They give workshops on various areas of GCE and many will be able to tailor their workshops to suit the theme of a particular project or class interest.

List of GCE Facilitators

Practical School Examples:

Moville Community College, Donegal

“We have had many NGOs help us enrich the Dev Ed programme and promote involvement of the whole school community over the past number of years. We have a strong connection with Self Help Africa through Patsy Toland. He has facilitated us becoming a Fairtrade school and motivating students and staff annually in maintaining the Fairtrade ethos in the school. Roisin O’Hara (Trocaire) has given workshops the past two years on Climate change. We have also had Claire Marshall (concern) discussing Global Inequality and local speakers discussing Disabilities in Donegal who came in to do a number of talks in the school and raise awareness on the need for action”. Diplomatic Global Passport Award Winner 2017

Blackrock College, Dublin

“…This year 17 Transition years and their teachers visited Aidlink projects in Kenya and participated in Aidlink Dev Ed preparation before leaving. A group of Transition years participated in a SUAS Dev Ed course run at night. Classes have participated in Dev Ed modules in Irish Aid this year and a group attended the YOUth Summit on migration in November. A large group is participating in a Trocaire workshop and lecture on Climate Change and this work will be developed later in the year…”. Diplomatic Global Passport Award Winner 2017

Rockwell College, Tipperary

“We are working with various NGOs who are supporting us in developing our DE initiatives in the our school. Some are directly working with us while other are collaborating with us on various DE related projects/initiatives: The Spiritan Des Places Educational Association, HOPE Foundation, Trocaire, Operation Smile, etc.” Diplomatic Global Passport Award Winner 2016

Holy Family Community School, Rathcoole

“We as a GCE department have linked up and will continue to do so with Concern, Trocaire, Amnesty International and WWGS. When we complete our plan for the year we ring these organisations and arrange for guest speakers in relation to the topics. Their on-going support help and resources have enriched our GCE department”.  Diplomatic Global Passport Award Winner 2015