Global Passport

The Curricular Stamp:

1. GCE in the Junior Cycle Curriculum

Teachers explore GCE themes with students in their subject areas – challenging them to look at the world; and their role in making it more just, equitable & sustainable.

*A joint approach to GCE adopted by at least 2 subject areas, or focuses on a joint GCE theme between at least two subject areas

Below are some resources and practical school examples to guide you in your implementation of this stamp category:

    Subject specific handbooks:

    WWGS ‘Doing DE’ series:

    WorldWise Global Schools have developed a series of handbooks to encourage teachers to teach through a global justice lens while meeting the requirements as laid out in the junior cycle specifications and the 2015 Framework for Junior Cycle. DE is short for Development Education which is part of Global Citizenship Education. The ‘Doing DE’ resource series enables teachers to challenge their students to look at our world, and our role in making it more just, equitable and sustainable. Please go to the Resource Library to find our full compliment of subject resources.

    Resources developed by Financial Justice Ireland

    Financial Justice Ireland have two brilliant resources for Junior Cycle:

    Website resources:

    This website provides a multiple of resources by subject, theme and approach. Go to our Resource Library.

    There’s lots of resources out there for Junior Cycle GCE. The following websites provide a range of Global Citizenship Education resources for teachers:

    Junior Cycle English
    Junior Cycle Modern Languages
    Junior Cycle Maths
    Junior Cycle History
    Junior Cycle Geography
    Junior Cycle Business

    Resources developed by The School of Education (NUI Galway) Network

    Sample lesson templates are provided outlining the key topic covered and where this fits into various Junior Cycle curriculum subjects. This template offers specific links to external resources to support teachers in implementing lesson plans.

    Junior Cycle Geography and Science
    Junior Cycle Maths