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The Curricular Stamp

5. Curriculum Planning 

GCE topics and methodologies are employed to support the learning outcomes and statements of learning in as may subjects as possible. Ideally a key member of staff leads and supports colleagues from various subjects to integrate global development issues and GCE methodologies into the curriculum, and create a cross curricular approach.

Below are some resources and practical school examples to guide you through implementing this stamp category:


The WWGS Planning Template

WWGS Planning Template

Sample Lesson Plans – School of Education, NUI Galway

Sample lesson templates are provided outlining the various GCE topics covered and where these fit into subjects in junior and senior cycle curriculum. These templates offer specific links to external resources to support the teacher implement the lesson plans.

Junior Cycle Geography and Science
Junior Cycle Maths
Senior Cycle English
Senior Cycle Business

Curriculum Planning Initiatives

These websites provide a range of resource materials to support teachers in their department and subject planning. Consider using the following GCE resources:

NIPT (National Induction Programme for Teachers) Toolkit
SDPI (School Development Planning Initiative)
PDST (Professional Development Service for Teachers)