Global Passport

Stamp 1: Curricular

The ‘Curricular’ stamp is designed to help schools identify ways in which Global Citizenship Education can be explored using the curriculum. It shows how teachers can plan to integrate local and global justice issues into various subject areas, or across subject areas from Junior to Senior Cycle. Finally, it provides tools and guidance on how to measure and report the impact of this learning.

CURRICULAR: Covid-19 Adapations

Curricular Video Guide:

Shauna Keyes and the staff of Blakestown Community School in Blanchardstown, share their experience of implementing GCE in the curriculum:

Curricular resources:

There are 5 categories within the ‘Curricular’ stamp. Please click on the categories below for resources and practical school examples to assist your school in integrating GCE into each area:

1. GCE in Junior Cycle Curriculum
2. GCE in Transition Year
3. GCE in Senior Cycle Curriculum
4. Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (LCVP) & /or Leaving Cert Applied (LCA) & /or Junior Certificate School Programme (JCSP)
5.Curriculum Planning