Global Passport

Teacher Capacity & Engagement

3. CPD Opportunities

CPD opportunities provide teachers with the specific knowledge and skills necessary to feel confident in delivering GCE methodologies and exploring global justice issues with their class. This provides opportunities for critical reflection and the sharing of good practices and approaches to teaching in school or externally, either by way of peer learning or by external facilitators.

2020/21 is a good year to build the capacity of teachers in your schools.  There are many providers of Continuous Professional Development on Global Citizenship Education and related events and conferences that can be counted as CPD.  Because most of these providers have switched to online learning it is now easier than ever to engage and participate.

Maria O’Donnell teacher in Newpark Comprehensive School Diplomatic Passport Holder 2020 shows a great range of CPD that teachers attended in her passport application:

Teachers are involved in the following CPDs: 
-Earthwise Eco Event run by The Cool Planet – Green School’s Committee attended also. 
-UCD workshop “applying environmental investigation techniques” attended by our Green School’s co-coordinator. 2-day workshop 19th/20th March. 
-School Biodiversity Garden workshop with Suzi Cahn from Dulra attended by 6 members of staff. 
-WWGS training attended by two members of staff. 
-NYCI Climate Forum attended by one teacher. 
-SCAN (Schools Climate Action Network) meeting participation. Focus on activism, managing eco-anxiety, democratic voting and involvement.

WWGS provide a live list of facilitators that you can call on to provide CPD for you and your colleagues or to provide a workshop for your students.

WWGS Conferences / Trainings / Workshops

WorldWise Global Schools provide a range of supports; trainings and events to support teachers increase their professional development in the area of GCE. Please contact us if you are interested in availing of these CPD opportunities.

WWGS Annual Conference

Each year in April, WWGS run an interactive day of learning, sharing and reflection for teachers and students undertaking WWGS funded projects and have an Award Ceremony for the Global Passport winners.

WWGS Teacher Training Events

All teachers are welcome to attend our programme of teacher trainings online for this year. We provide a contribution of €40 per hour missed of teaching to cover substitution. See our list of thematic and subject based trainings here.

Schools in receipt of WWGS grants are required to attend yearly national and regional teacher training events, which provide an opportunity to explore GCE with their peers, share learning and increase skills on implementing GCE in your classroom.

WWGS In-School Workshops

WWGS offer free in-school GCE workshops for teachers and management. These workshops can be tailored to suit your particular schools GCE needs. Please contact us to organise an inservice training.

We are not the only ones who have Global Citizenship Education events, trainings and conferences. We have also listed here a live list of upcoming events and conferences that you may be interested in attending.

We also advise that you sign up for the IDEA (Irish Development Education Association) e-curricular that list upcoming trainings and events.

Keep an eye on WorldWise Global Schools Twitter @Worldwise_Irl and Facebook pages too where we highlight good trainings and resources!