Global Passport

Stamp 6, Community Engagement: Part 1.


It is important to share your GCE learning with the school and beyond.  Communicating GCE can be achieved through newsletters, school reports, websites, blogs, vlogs, social media, local or national media.  Voices of young people can be very powerful and empowering them to spread their GCE knowledge will build their confidence, leadership and communication skills.  

Below are some resources and practical school examples to guide you through implementing this stamp category.


Communicating Global Citizenship Education

There are a number of GCE or Development Education (DE) campaigns you can issues you can raise awareness with through your school communications: Global Justice links + campaigns
To Do List for the Planet – Global Goals for Sustainable Development

Dóchas Code of Conduct on Images and Messages

When communicating DE issues it is important to ensure the images and messages used are guided by the values of human dignity, respect, equality, truthfulness fairness, justice and solidarity as central. The Dóchas code of Images and Messages provides a set of guiding principals for organisations and people working and communicating in the area of Development. These can be useful in helping you develop your communications.

Dóchas Guide to Ethical Communication

Practical School Examples:

Here are some examples from the applications of Global Passport Awardees. These provide some great examples for what your school can do in this school category:

Blakestown Community School, Dublin

“Our annual Newsletter informs the school community of the work of our students. These articles are written by our learners. Students update our Twitter account and use local newspapers to inform the wider community.” Diplomatic Global Passport Award Winner 2016

Colaiste Pobail Setanta, Dublin

“DE events are often updated to our schools website e.g. Multicultural Week. Our schools Twitter page is frequently updated (all staff have access) with information on DE activities happening in our school e.g. One Good Idea projects, YSI projects etc. Local newspapers feature some of our events as well as the national newspapers on occasion”. Citizens Global Passport Award Winner 2015

Davis College, Cork

“DCMUN has a press team (constituted by students only), which write several issues approaching Development Issues and diplomacy. Also, the Open Evenings always have a stall/classroom dedicated to MUN and Development Education in which leaflets regarding global citizenship and the workings of MUN. The local media (especially the ‘Corkman’ and the ‘Mallow Star’) often present the wider community with the events and achievements of the MUN and Development Education programme. The website also is updated with these achievements and promotion of Development Education.”

Diplomatic Global Passport Award Winner 2015