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Stamp 5, School Leadership: Part 1.

Board of Management Involvement

The Board of Management are extremely important in taking leadership on DE within the whole school. Ideally they are actively involved in DE planning and creating professional development opportunities for staff. DE would be a standing agenda item or a sub-committee is created; and DE is included in review processes and improvement plans.

Avail of WWGS Support Visits

WorldWise Global Schools offers support visits for teachers and management to explore the value of DE in schools and assist and guide schools in whole school planning. Please contact us to set up a visit.

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Practical School Examples:

Here are some examples from the applications of Global Passport Awardees. These provide some great examples for what your school can do in this school category:

Celbridge Community School, Kildare

“The Board of Management is aware and actively participating in the implementation of Dev Ed in the school. Educate Together have given substitution hours to work on bringing Dev Ed into the school. Patrons of the Board of Management also ran a CPD course on Dev Ed and WWGS in Educate Together head offices. One of the teacher representatives on the Board of Management is on the Dev Ed committee.  See previous points about Dev Ed events attended”. Diplomatic Global Passport Award Winner 2016

Blakestown Community School, Dublin

Blakestown Community School took a bottom up approach to engaging school management. Students did a presentation at the school board meeting on what DE activities they do. This was an activity to support and encourage the board to recognise the DE work being done within the school and inspire them to get more involved.  Diplomatic Global Passport Award Winner 2016

Donahies Community School, Dublin

“Board of Management fully supported and gave resources to the 3 teachers who travelled to Cape Town to ‘twin’.”  Citizens Global Passport Award Winner 2015