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The Extra Curricular Stamp

2. Assemblies

Assemblies can be a great opportunity to share learning regarding GCE issues with the whole school community. Commitment to this can range from 2 assemblies a year with learners leading or at least being involved in the delivery of the content.

Below are some resources and practical school examples to guide you through implementing this stamp category:


World’s Largest Lesson – Calendar of Global Dates

Global Dimension’s provide a list of international days, weeks and other events over the calendar year that can help your inform the themes of your school assemblies.

World’s Largest Lesson – Calendar of Global Dates

UN International Days

A list of all internationally celebrated days to assist schools in identifying opportunities for GCE themed assemblies.

UN International Days

Oxfam – Global Citizenship in the Whole School Assembly ideas

Oxfam provide 7 assembly ideas to help schools explore GCE. Each idea comes with a list of key aims and instructions.

Global Citizenship in School Assembly ideas

Practical School Examples:

Holy Child School, Killiney, Dublin

“There are 3 whole school assemblies led by the GCE Group. These assemblies are attended by students & teachers.  1. World Aids Day – Students give a whole school presentation on AIDs. The 2nd is on the HOPE Foundation & their projects are given to the whole school including parents of the students’ return from India in February. The 3rd is on Fairtrade during Actions not Words Week in May” Special Passport Award Winner 2016

Deansrath Community College, Dublin

“This year we had two assemblies: one before Christmas in the Junior Base which was used as part of a CSPE class and then there was a WS assembly looking at Fairtrade and its importance and World Water Day which we do as a joint project with our partner school” Diplomatic Passport Award Winner 2015

Colaiste Bríde Clondalkin, Dublin

“Annually, we celebrate Presentation Day taking our theme from the Presentation sisters globally we link the whole community and themes reflect GCE issues. We particularly highlight the empowerment of women and education for all. Students are greatly involved; our head girl delivers a speech annually. Other assemblies for year groups are planned with the year head and tutors dealing with issues such as rights”. Special Passport Award Winner 2015