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The Curricular Stamp:

3. GCE in Senior Cycle Curriculum

Integrating GCE into senior cycle curriculum ensures that students can explore GCE themes as part of their formal learning experience. As the curriculum is being reformed we see more elements like sustainability mainstreamed through subject areas. The optional subject of Politics and Society is very in line with the concepts and practice of Global Citizenship Education. Senior Cycle puts a huge emphasis on the skill of critical thinking something that WWGS and GCE in general put at it’s heart.


Irish Aid – Study of Opportunities for DE in Senior Cycle

This study provides an overview of the current GCE opportunities at senior cycle; identifies areas of strengths and challenges with regard to the opportunities and looks at what possible future developments there are at senior cycle for strengthening GCE within the curriculum.

WWGS Senior Cycle English Guide

Find the guide here.

Politics and Society resource

Financial Justice Ireland have a resource called Grassroots to Government for Politics and Society. This is also very suitable for Senior Cycle History.