Who Can Apply?

Irish Aid’s WorldWise Global Schools (WWGS) programme offers grants to post-primary schools, education networks and NGOs to support new, or existing, development education initiatives at post-primary level. This include grants for schools as well as NGO’s and Education Networks. 

The WorldWise Global Schools Grant Callis now CLOSED

Grants for Schools

Development Education (DE) grants are available to all post primary schools in the Republic of Ireland to apply for, with categories of grant funding ranging from €600 up to €8,000. 

How much can our school apply for?

Starter Schools – schools that are relatively new to development education and/or new to engaging with WWGS – are eligible to apply for grants of up to €600

Established Schools – schools that are experienced in development education and previously engaged with WWGS – are eligible to apply for grants of €700 – €2,000

School Clusters – A group of schools (minimum three) that wish to run joint DE activities and facilitate peer learning between their schools – are eligible to apply for grants of up to €8,000 

What type of DE activities can our school apply for?

Our Grant Application Guidelines outline the specific type of DE activities for which you will be eligible to apply for funding – depending on which category your school is in (Emerging, Established or Established Partnership). Please click below to access the 2017 guidelines. You can also get in touch with a member of the WWGS team, on the kind of DE activity that your school may be best suited to apply for. 

Grants for NGO’s & Education Networks

Irish Aid WWGS development education grants are available to (non programme funded) NGOs and education networks based in the Republic of Ireland who work with post primary schools.

How much funding can our organisation apply for?

There is no funding threshold in place, but applicants should be guided by value for money principles, in terms of applying for funding amounts relative to the number of schools they will engage through the project.

Potential applicants should note that WWGS grant funding for NGOs and education networks is exclusively for the purposes of development education work in the post primary sector only.