What is Development Education?

Knowledge + Skills + Values + Action!

Development Education is a direct and active educational response to the issues of inequality and injustice that characterise the world we live in.Development Education is an approach to education that is driven by the core values and attitudes – justice, solidarity and empathy – and has at its heart a radical and transformative agenda to challenge the structural causes of poverty and inequality. It also, therefore, entails a critical action component to put learning into practice in our everyday lives.Development Education also encompasses key skills that we all require in life – namely those of critical thinking and analysis, of being able to question and challenge the messages and information we receive every day.Development Education is underpinned by core methodologies, namely participative and learner-centred approaches to teaching that value the acquisition of skills and knowledge above getting the “right” answer.
“Development Education (DE) is an educational process aimed at increasing awareness and understanding of the rapidly changing, and interdependent and unequal world in which we live. DE helps students to become global citizens who take action to transform the world we live in for the better”.