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New to the programme?

If you are new to the WWGS programme or thinking of getting involved, please make sure you get in touch with WWGS. We are available to guide your school on your DE journey.

Take a look at our handbook for teachers to find out more about what the WWGS programme entails and the 5 steps you can take to begin to explore DE in your school.

Why Global Citizenship Education?

Here are some reasons why your school should explore GCE, and the multiple benefits in doing so:

  • We live in an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world. GCE provides students with the knowledge and understanding of how this complex world works

  • GCE is learner-centred, allowing students to take a hands-on approach to their own learning.

  • GCE nurtures respect for others, wherever they live

  • GCE encourages students to think critically about equality and justice

  • Exploring GCE allows students to grow more confident in taking action and becoming global citizens

  • GCE provides students with the skills to evaluate the ethics and impact of their actions and decisions.

  • GCE provides students the opportunity to think critically about how their choices and actions may have repercussions for people and communities locally, nationally or internationally

Already Involved with WWGS?

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