What We Offer


Each of the schools engaged in the WWGS programme are assigned their own Education Officer who will support them throughout the school year. Other WWGS staff are also on hand to offer additional support.

1. Phone and Email support:

Pick up the phone or email anytime with questions you may have.

2. Support Visit:

  • Contact your assigned WWGS Education Officer now to arrange a support visit at a time that suits you. The support visit includes discussion on your GCE programme so far, the Global Passport, your WWGS plan and budget or anything that you would like specific advice on.
  • Invite your principal along for all or part of the meeting so they can become involved in your GCE planning.
  • Invite other interested teachers or students along to the meeting. It is advised that you try to build a team of teachers and students who can lead the work you are doing in school.