About WorldWise


Irish Aid’s Development Education Strategy (2017-2023): Strengthening Ireland’s contribution to a sustainable and just world through development education, was formally launched in December 2017.

The strategy affirms Ireland’s commitment to DE and its central role in both international development and Irish foreign policy. It sets out Ireland’s ambitions for DE, in aiming to bring quality DE to as wide an audience as possible –including through WorldWise Global Schools, as one of Irish Aid’s five strategic partnership programmes for this period. The WorldWise Global Schools programme aim and vision are as follows:


To bring about an increasing spread, number and mix of post-primary schools engaging in and availing of quality development education in Ireland.


  • A post-primary sector with an increased proportion of schools engaging with development education

  • Teachers with increased confidence and capacity as development educators in their own schools

  • Students with an increased capacity to think critically and creatively to articulate their role as global citizens.