Spending your School Grant

Grant Supports

Spending your School Grant

Your application outlines all of the items you intended to spend your grant funding on*. 

  • Here is a grant spending menu to help guide and support you with spending ideas. These ideas are divided under each Global Passport Stamp
Items Eligible for Funding
  • Access a list of facilitators and NGO's who can provide in-school workshops with your students. Most will be able to provide these online too:
Facilitators List

*Please contact your Education Officer if you wish to make changes to your approved budget. 

Claiming Substitution

For teachers attending WWGS training and events, we offer a contribution of €40 per hour towards substitution cost.  Follow the instructions below for how to claim.

Claiming Substitution Instructions

Further Instructions:

Further instructions are available to support you completing online SATs.

Online SAT Instructions