The SAT (Self-Assessment Tool)

It is important for you and for WWGS that your Development Education (DE) work is monitored and evaluated to see the impact of the work that is being done.

WorldWise Global Schools utilize a Self Assessment Tool (SAT) to measure this impact. Each grantee is required to use our SAT with students and teachers involved in the DE projects in order to measure its impact.

The SAT aims to find out if there has been a change in the knowledge, skills, attitudes and actions of teachers and students as a result of participating in the Development Education (DE) class/ project / activity.

The SAT offers participants the opportunity to think about what they knew before starting the DE project and what they have learned as a result of participating in it. There is space for them to share their key learning and offer suggestions for improvement.

Some Simple Steps to Monitoring and Evaluation Success in One Session!

Here are the simple steps you can take to measure the development education (it works for other subjects and activities too!) in your school:

Step 1: Before you start your project clarify what your project’s DE indicators for success will be. To do this, open the SAT in soft copy (Word format) and review the indicators in both the student and teacher SAT forms. They are currently sample indicators and have been chosen to broadly cover the core areas of quality DE. However, your project may be a little more specific and you may want to adapt the indicators to be more relevant to your project. If so, please feel free to change / edit these.
It is good to keep your indicators in mind as you implement your project. These will guide you ensuring the identified knowledge, skills, attitudes and values are covered as you progress through your project.

Step 2: Print/ photocopy the filled in SAT forms (double sided) for as many students and teachers as have been involved in the project (including yourself!).

Step 3: Once the project has been completed, distribute the SAT to the students and teachers involved in the project and ask them to complete them (instructions on the SAT form).

Step 4: Gather the completed SATs and post them to us!

Evaluation Resources:

For any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Laura Cahill on or 01 5547447.

Sample SAT Indicators: