School Networks

The WWGS emphasis is on supporting clusters or groups of schools who will work on joint or related projects. Some established networks have been very active in promoting a global awareness through their schools and have initiated annual events involving students and teachers meeting and sharing their learning.

But you do not have to be part of an established school network to get involved.

Why not consider a joint project with other schools and create your own network?

What is a school network?

  • An established school network that shares a common mission.
  • VEC schools that form part of a county based network.
  • Schools within a distinct geographical region sharing DE activities
  • A group of schools working together (with or without a DE provider) under a common global issue or project eg. Gender equality.
  • A group of schools working together on a global development solution/project as part of their participation in the BT Young Scientists or Young Social Innovators events.
  • Schools sharing a common target country as part of their Linking & Immersion programme.

 Download WWGS’s ‘Doing Development Education as a School Network’


Schools outside the Rep. of Ireland cannot apply for funding but they may benefit from support as part of a 26 county school network project. We would encourage school networks linked through common global awareness projects.