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Teacher Capacity & Engagement

4. Entire Staff Engagement

WWGS encourage at least one member of staff who can provide supports to teachers to integrate GCE into their subject areas. However, ideally teachers from a range of both Junior and Senior Cycle are taking leadership on / engaging with GCE in the school.

These teachers would ideally be integrating global development issues and methodologies into all of their teaching and extra curricular activities.

How can you increase staff engagement in your school?

Display the WWGS Whole School Approach Poster

Highlight all of the possible GCE themes with a WWGS Poster! Request a hardcopy and display this in your staff room to raise awareness or/and use it as a tool to assist with cross-curricular planning.

A Whole School Approach to DE poster

Create a Noticeboard

Raise awareness and excitement around GCE in your school by creating a GCE display in your school.

Avail of WWGS Training

WorldWise Global Schools provide support visits, workshops and CPD training to assist schools in their whole school planning. Please contact us to set up a visit.

Practical School Examples:

Celbridge Community School, Kildare

“Most staff delivered sessions on Dev Ed and Fairtrade to the students which were planned by the GCE Committee. In our staff audit, 100% of staff said they were engaging with GCE in their subject areas. Members of the GCE Committee, along with the Principal, visited another school to learn about their approach to GCE.” Diplomatic Global Passport Award Winner 2016

Colaiste Bride, Clondalkin

“With the addition of a new staff member qualified in GCE, we have the opportunity to build on our GCE profile by using online resource links for subjects to use in teaching and learning and for tutors to access during assemblies etc. Our shared drive on Teacher Public folder also means staff share resources easily.” Special Global Passport Award Winner 2015

St Mary’s Academy CBS

“A high level of engagement from staff to include the following initiatives: GSHA field research trip, India Immersion Programme, a very active Peace and Justice Group with members from all year groups, Green Schools Committee, Science for Development research and collaboration with Young Scientists Tanzania participants, Climate Justice Schools Programme,” Special Global Passport Award Winner 2015