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WorldWise Global Schools provide a variety of supports and guidance to assist you undertaking your Global Passport Award. The Global Passport Application breaks down the whole school approach to Global Citizenship Education into 6 stamps (key areas). Each of which focuses on a key area of Global Citizenship Education within the school. These Stamps are broken down further into bite-sized categories to guide you on your path to Global Citizenship Education one small step at a time. Click on each of the stamps to find relevant resources, templates, examples and ideas for increasing Global Citizenship Education in that category area within your school and wider school community.


The Global Passport Guide is a framework that schools can use to deepen their knowledge and involvement in GCE activities. This planning tool and support structure provides inspiration for teachers and students on how to take a whole school approach to exploring Global Citizenship Education by offering examples of activities that can be implemented in each aspect of school life. The back of the guide opens up as a poster and displays examples of GCE connections in your school subjects.

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The Global Passport Award serves to recognise the activities and hard work being carried out by Post-Primary schools in Ireland to encourage students to take action for meaningful change.

The Global Passport application is internally completed and assessed by the school and externally appraised by our team in WWGS. The deadline for submission online is in February 2021.


Here are some examples from the previous Global Passport Awardees. Beaufort College in Meath and Davis College in Cork have put together PowerPoint presentations which showcase their GCE project, the work they did to achieve the passport and tips for new schools undertaking it. Check out their presentations for ideas and inspiration.

Beaufort College presentation/casestudy
Davis College casestudy

We are constantly uploading resources and practical school examples within each of the stamp areas, so if you have any practice examples or resources you would like to share with other schools, please contact us.