Grant Reporting

Grantees (successful grant applicants) are required to complete an End of Project Grantee Report on completion of their WWGS funded project. 

Potential applicants should note that the reporting requirements for a WWGS grant are not onerous, and very much relative to the scale of grant received (i.e. WWGS will require minimal reporting on a school grant of €600 or less, by comparison with a larger school, NGO or education network grant). 

Grantee reporting is comprised of the following elements (which will vary in the level of detail required, depending on the category of grant funding received):
  1. WWGS End of Project Narrative Report
  2. WWGS End of Project Expenditure Report
  3. WWGS Self Assessment Tool (completed at the start, and end, of each project)
WWGS will circulate the relevant reporting templates to grantees during the academic year in which they are undertaking their project. In the case of current 2016-2017 grantees, the reporting template will be made available early in 2017. The reporting deadline for this years grantees is 31st May 2017. 

Grantees may, if they wish, commence completing the reporting template from when they receive it, which WWGS would encourage (or may wait until project completion to do so). 

Grantee reporting is a critical component of WWGS funded development education initiatives, because it enables WWGS to capture, and disseminate, the impact of what is being achieved in the post primary sector as a result of WWGS funding and supports.